The Inspiration

Although innovative in its nature, Pedrino is retrospective in its roots. Inspiration for Pedrino was drawn from two traditional British classics: sherry and tonic water.

The time is right for sherry to enjoy a resurgence and tonic has been an essential cocktail accompaniment since the beginning, yet despite the two being mixed and enjoyed in Spain no one has yet brought these two vintage icons together in a way that celebrates their complimentary flavours in a single product.

Our regard for these classic institutions has inspired us to create an all-encompassing drink.

The Drink


Pedrino is a ‘premium alcoholic tonic’, an all-natural blend of Pedro Ximinez, the finest citrus botanicals, quinine and spring water. It is designed to be a perfectly balanced stand-alone drink and an excellent mixer. Adding Pedrino to a high quality gin or rum gives an entirely new experience with a reassuringly cultured palate.

No expense has been spared in sourcing the ingredients that constitute Pedrino. We hope you enjoy the creative potential if offers consumers, mixologists and connoisseurs of sherry and tonic water, the British classics.

Pedro Ximénez is the essential grape for Pedrino. After extensive sampling of the many varieties of fortified grape, we knew that Pedro Ximénez was the perfect choice as a mixer component.

First cultivated in 1661 in Spain, our grapes are grown in Montilla. Pedro Ximénez has a colonial history and also utilises an artisanal wine making process.


After harvest, the grapes are spread out in the sun and dried to raisins. The grape bunches are then crushed and the mixture is carefully placed, layer by layer, on “capazos”. In a similar way to oil pressing, the resulting stack is pressed both horizontally and vertically to extract the sweet, syrup-like nectar. After alcohol is added, the wine is aged by the traditional solera (barrelling) process. Pedro Ximénez is a dark mahogany – coloured wine, with deep raisiny aromas, smooth and sweet in the mouth and an ideal cocktail base.


Citrus Botanicals. We use grapefruit for its uplifting bitter citrus flavour – complimenting quinine – while blood orange balances nicely with an almost berry-like texture. Rounding the two are blackberry and white stone fruits.

Bitters. Two parts of our otherwise secret bitters recipe is natural quinine, the medicinal bark used by soldiers to ward off mosquitos in colonial Africa and quassia, a smoother and lighter bitter that blends beautifully.

Fizz. To keep our drink light, dry and refreshing, we introduce a gentle fizz to lift the ingredients. This not only improves drinkability as a single serve but vastly adds to its capacity as a mixer.